Return to Church Plan

1.   The service will continue to be streamed live every week on YouTube and Facebook for those who do not feel safe returning to public worship and for our shut-in members. The service will also continue to be on the radio at 10:30.

2.   Hand sanitizer will be readily available in multiple locations.

3.   Everyone is encouraged to wear their own personal protective equipment. We have masks for those who do not have their own at the welcome desk.

4.   The doors will be propped open or we will have someone to open it for you to allow for “no contact” entry into the building.

5.   Please do not gather and congregate by the doors. Please move to your seat or out of the building.

6.   Every other pew will be roped off to help maintain physical distancing.

7.   After the benediction please remain in your seat and wait to be ushered out. We will dismiss slowly and ask that when you are dismissed that you would promptly move to the exits. If you wish to talk with someone, please do so outside while maintaining adequate physical distancing.

8.   Please refrain from greeting one another with handshakes or hugs.

9.   The collection will be taken in offering plates that will be placed in the narthex and the hallway behind the balcony.

10. The nursery will remain closed.

11. Physical distancing will allow for roughly 130 people in the sanctuary.